Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2009 Day One Hundred Fifty Six

It was rainy and cold yesterday and I dressed for summer. Figures. Looks like a much nicer day today.

Linda and Maureen were on a vacation day yesterday. Made the office quiet. I had enough work to keep me busy.

The past few nights we have been watching the first season of True Blood. It is so good and we are so hooked. Tonight is episode 4. Lots of good stuff on tv lately. I have started recording the new season of Food Network Star.

Have a great Tuesday.


peppylady said...

It damp here.
Hope all is well.

Coffee is on.

Steve said...

bad storms raged through for about an hour.
our department picnic is tomorrow (I'll be manning the grill) so hopefully it will clear before then

Lisa said...

Hey you. Sorry I've been missing.

Sounds like you're busy at work! I hope the summer weather returns soon. I hate that when I'm dressed for warm weather and the cool weather comes in. Brrr.