Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Seventy Four

If Obama loses I want to head back to Ireland. But, can I take my new job with me?

Is this the magic door that leads us away from all the doom and gloom?

Friday, September 26, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Seventy

Had another great week at work. To top off the week she let us go home an hour early.

Now I am awaiting the debate. How can John McCain's website this morning already claim victory on the debate? Even before he announced he was actually going to show up? LIAR LIAR!!! Again and again!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Sixty Eight

Suspend the campaign? Delay the debates? He is not even on a committee. What is Grampy McSame going to rush to Wash DC to do? He knows Obama is going to shred him to pieces in the debates, so he is running scared.

My prediction is that McInsane is going to give it up which will put the whole election process in chaos. Guess who will step in and with legislation will remain president through these difficult times? Makes me wonder if that haven't planned this whole crisis.

Scary hu?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Sixty Seven

Forgot to post yesterday. It was M's birthday so I spent the night watching tv with him. Watched Rachel and Keith.

Today at work we meet the 2 candidates for the Cobra position. She will be my office mate. Linda is giving me a new project today. We finished the billing process yesterday.

The weather is still damp and much cooler. In the 60's. Yesterday it rained and hailed for awhile. Fall is definitely here.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Sixty Five

It's damp and raining today. We cancelled our day trip to Sandpoint. Hung around home today. We watched the movie What Happens in Vegas. Cute movie. I liked it. I drove DK to work because of the rain. Tonight we are having M's birthday dinner. The full steak dinner with all the trimmings. I gave him his birthday present yesterday. Two books:

He did not know which one to start reading first.

2nd recipe in cookbook for DK:

Texas Hash (Originally in the Betty Crocker Cookbook)

1 pkg hamburger meat
1 diced sweet onion
1 diced green pepper
1 large can diced tomatoes
1 medium can tomato sauce
2 - 3 cups cooked white rice

Seasonings: 1 tsp season salt, 1 tsp garlic salt, salt, pepper, hot sauce, 1 tsp lemon pepper,

Fry hamburger meat and onion, drain, combine all other ingredients, pour into greased casserole dish, bake at 350 degrees for 40 -45 minutes. Serve with slice cucumbers in vinegar and garlic bread.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Sixty Four

Finished my second week at the new job and I still love it! That is saying alot.

I am starting to put the cookbook I've been writing for DK together so I can give it to him by Winter's Solstice.

First Recipe:

Wish I Was In Tuscany Spaghetti

1 lb of hamburger
1 pkg of Hot Italian Sausage
1 chopped sweet onion
1 large can diced tomatoes
1 jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce
1 pkg slice fresh mushrooms
1 Cup red wine
Any kind of pasta you like

Seasonings: 1 Tbsp garlic salt, 2 tbsp oregano, 1 tsp lemon pepper

Boil sausage, drain, remove casings and chop, Fry hamburger meat and onion with seasonings, drain when finished. Add spaghetti sauce, tomatoes, meats, mushrooms and wine. Slow cook until done/ Boil pasta in salted water until soft. Add sauce to pasta. Serve with salad and garlic bread.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Sixty

And yet another fine day at work. At lunch after I ordered new checks at the bank I went and picked up my plant from the florist. It is beautiful and everything I wanted. It has ivy and all kinds of other plants with color and 2 birds. Perfect and the basket looks wonderul in front of my south facing window.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Fifty Nine

Another great day at work. At lunch I went and deposited my final checks from Guardian. I also stopped by the florist and ordered my plant for my office. My boss assured me today she has a long term plan for me which made me feel more secure. Sometimes when things are going so well, you just want to pinch yourself.

One of these days I will learn how to use the Google McCain invented the blackberry? Oh please... The half truths and lies are just getting out of hand. Now McInsane wants to regulate government? I wrote my thesis on deregulation and he played an intricate part of deregulating pieces of the government. In fact he championed himself as a deregulator. Now he wants to regulate wall street and set up a 911 commission to study the economy. OMG what will that accomplish? Nothing! Just like the 911 commission. They will say anything, lie about anything to get attention.

I think Americans are wising up..Sara Davy Crockett Palin approval rating has dropped 10 points since last Saturday. Hey, I'm from Indiana and have eaten alot of corn, raised cows, rode horses, collected eggs, and picked berries - I think I can be Secretary of Agriculture. What do you think you could be?

Monday, September 15, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Fifty Eight

A great start to the week. I love this new job. I'm so busy that the first time I looked at the clock it was 11:00. M came by and took me to lunch at The Viking at noon. Back to work and the next time I looked at the clock it was 4:00. Its nice to actually have a job I like. I hope it continues.

Lies, Lies and more Lies. This is all McCain & Palin can come up with? She refused to help in troopergate investigation? Does she think shes above the law? Taxpayer paid tanning bed? The deeper we dig the more corruptness we uncover. McCain reminds me a befuddled old man with no passion or power. Almost pitiful.

Had pancakes for dinner while watching Keith and Rachel. Time to call it a night and go bead for awhile.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Fifty Seven

I was very busy running around yesterday. I dropped M off from work and then drove out to drop off my timecard. Then I ventured on to Post Falls and checked out and bead shop called Bead It. It was nice, but didn't have much selection. Then back to the northside of Spokane to Fashon Bug. I bought a new pair of slacks and paid my bill. I also went to the mall to CJ Banks and bought to new blouses that were on sale.

The rest of the day I watched tv and did a few things around the house. I avoided watching politics today. Stayed mostly on the food network, the hurricane and then watched the movie Saving Helen. Gave my brain a little rest.

Ended the day having dinner made from the leftovers from M's taco bar that he put on for his employees.

Friday, September 12, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Fifty Five

Yesterday was an awesome day at work. The luncheon was very cool. We sat at a table that overlooked the river in its summer stage. At lunch they gave me a card welcoming me to the team and a $50 gift card at a local florist-plant shop. The rest of the day flew by because I had many tasks to complete.

I learned sad news about a friend that made me cry. Life is not always fair but they say there is a plan, I sometimes think it is all random.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Fifty Four

On my third day of the new job, they fired the gal who shared my office. I felt bad for her because she did not know it was going to happen that day. I guess there has been on-going problems for months, maybe even years that led up to that. She worked for the company for 15 years. Because of her firing I attended my first staff meeting. Because of the upheaval and more work to spread amonst the staff they are treating us to lunch today at Clinkerdaggers one of the nicest restaurants in town. Worked liked crazy for the rest of the day.

Are we all getting sick of hearing Sarah Palin? She reminds of a yapping rat terrier. So annoying!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Fifty Three

I missed a few days posting because I was sick and then started the new job. But I seem to be better this morning.

The new job is good. I have an office with a window, not living in a cube farm. It's busy, but I am not taking 100+ calls a day. Nice pretty people. So far so good.

Sarah Palin is showing what an idiot she is more and more each day. Pretty soon they will put a muzzle on her and give her scripting. I hope Biden chews her up and spits her out at the debate. Anyone who brags their church talks in tongues is in suspect to me. Definitely on the wacko side of life - like the people I came across while living in Kentucky. I still say if she was afraid to tell her family she was pregnant and then afraid to tell them the child had down syndrome - what is she going to afriad to tell us? And John McCain, who is still a heavy smoker, will probably die or be so senile in office she will be the one running things. Now I've scared myself. Please Dem's, Independentents and enlightened Reps vote OBAMA. It is our only hope. Please save us from Geezer and the Gidget.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Forty Nine

Quote of the day:

Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood and daughter of the late great Governor Ann Richards. She said they're aiming for one million new members this year to join the fight for reproductive rights in the political realm. "I have a dream – that George Bush is the last anti-choice President in the United States of America. The American people are on our side. They support Planned Parenthood and the values we represent."

Friday, September 5, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Forty Eight

A brand new day and brand new life awaits me starting today. I now know what was wrong with me yesterday. The terrible disease that controls my life has reared its ugly head. I have made a commitment to get back on the plan and stick with it. Back to the restrictive diet, back to the excercise routine. I'm hoping I can stick with it. I guess I was in denial thinking I could live normal like everyone else. We know that is not mean't to be.

It was my last day at work. They threw me a really nice going away potluck. I will miss the friends I have made there and hope we can keep in touch, but, you know how that goes. But I will definitely try.

I thought my benefits would end at the end of the month, but, no, they end tonight at midnight. So we have been scrambling trying to get me on M's insurance.

M is off this weekend. That will be so nice. Not sure what we have planned. Probably house stuff.

3 Good Things that happened today:

1. Ordered my free O'bama/Biden bumper sticker from MoveOn.org

2. I have set a commitment and goals to get the disease under control, again.

3. Returned Lorna's book and wire bending kit.

Hey everyone: Have a super weekend.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Forty Seven

This post will be short. I'm not feeling very well. I am running a fever and have nasty chills.

3 Good Things That Happened Today:

1. I drove out to Humanix and gave them my direct deposit form
2. I signed up to doorbell for pro choice candidates on October 11th for Planned Parenthood
3. DK downloaded my Natalie Bedingfield cd for me

Nite all. Talk tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Forty Six

I read this email today and it made me cry and also made me rise up and become the someone that can convince every woman that they need to excercise their right to vote.

Here is the email:



This is the story of our Grandmothers and Great-grandmothers; they lived only 90 years ago.

Remember, it was not until 1920
that women were granted the right to go to the polls and vote.

The women were innocent and defenseless, but they were jailed
nonetheless for picketing the White House, carrying signs asking
for the vote.

And by the end of the night, they were barely alive.
Forty prison guards wielding clubs and their warden's blessing
went on a rampage against the 33 women wrongly convicted of
'obstructing sidewalk traffic.'

(Lucy Burns)
They beat Lucy Burns, chained her hands to the cell bars above
her head and left her hanging for the night, bleeding and gasping
for air.

(Dora Lewis)
They hurled Dora Lewis into a dark cell, smashed her
head against an iron bed and knocked her out cold. Her cellmate,
Alice Cosu, thought Lewis was dead and suffered a heart attack.
Additional affidavits describe the guards grabbing, dragging,
beating, choking, slamming, pinching, twisting and kicking the women.

Thus unfolded the 'Night of Terror' on Nov. 15, 1917,
when the warden at the Occoquan Workhouse in Virginia ordered his
guards to teach a lesson to the suffragists imprisoned there because
they dared to picket Woodrow Wilson's White House for the right
to vote.
For weeks, the women's only water came from an open pail. Their
food--all of it colorless slop--was infested with worms.

(Alice Paul)
When one of the leaders, Alice Paul, embarked on a hunger strike, they tied her to a chair, forced a tube down her throat and poured liquid into her until she vomited. She was tortured like this for weeks
until word was smuggled out to the press.

So, refresh my memory. Some women won't vote this year because-
-why, exactly? We have carpool duties? We have to get to work?
Our vote doesn't matter? It's raining?

Last week, I went to a sparsely attended screening of HBO's new
movie 'Iron Jawed Angels.' It is a graphic depiction of the battle
these women waged so that I could pull the curtain at the polling
booth and have my say. I am ashamed to say I needed the reminder.

All these years later, voter registration is still my passion. But the
actual act of voting had become less personal for me, more rote.
Frankly, voting often felt more like an obligation than a privilege.
Sometimes it was inconvenient.

My friend Wendy, who is my age and studied women's history,
saw the HBO movie, too. When she stopped by my desk to talk
about it, she looked angry. She was--with herself. 'One thought
kept coming back to me as I watched that movie,' she said.
'What would those women think of the way I use, or don't use,
my right to vote? All of us take it for granted now, not just
younger women, but those of us who did seek to learn.' The
right to vote, she said, had become valuable to her 'all over again.'

HBO released the movie on video and DVD. I wish all history,
social studies and government teachers would include the movie in
their curriculum I want it shown on Bunco night, too, and anywhere
else women gather. I realize this isn't our usual idea of socializing,
but we are not voting in the numbers that we should be, and I think
a little shock therapy is in order.

It is jarring to watch Woodrow Wilson and his cronies try to persuade a psychiatrist to declare Alice Paul insane so that she could be permanently institutionalized. And it is inspiring to watch the doctor refuse. Alice Paul was strong, he said, and brave. That didn't make her crazy.

The doctor admonished the men: 'Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity.'

Please, if you are so inclined, pass this on to all the women you know.

We need to get out and vote and use this right that was fought so
hard for by these very courageous women. Whether you vote democratic, republican or independent party - remember to vote.

History is being made.

3 Good Things that happened today:

1. Betty, my team lead, called off today. So no barrage of emails about AHT!
2. Talked to Lorna, and made a plan to meet after I escape on Friday.
3. My exit interview has been scheduled for Friday.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Forty Five

Back to work. Only 3 days to go. Not so bad when they expect nothing from you. No threats, no action plans, no nothing...just a few emails about the potluck they are going to have for me on Friday. Cool.

After work I went and paid the tabs for the truck and for Jiffy. $102.00. What happened to the $30 per vehicle. Every year since WA passed that initiative it has been slowly climbing upward in price. But it quite a bit lower than when we first moved here.

Not much else going on. Tomorrow I go on the hunt for a Obama Biden lawn sign and bumper sticker. I will start at the Dem's Toad Hall first.

Monday, September 1, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Forty Four Happy Labor Day

I found this article and this is exactly my sentiments:

On Tap for the Republican Convention: Karmic Payback?
By The Editorial Board

And now, a brief word about the Republican National Convention:
There is apparently a real chance that Hurricane Gustav could hit New Orleans next Monday — which happens to be the day that President Bush, Laura Bush, and Vice President Cheney are scheduled to speak.
Politico, the political Web site, is warning that the storm could disrupt Mr. Bush’s presentation — and bring back memories of Hurricane Katrina’s lethal impact on New Orleans. Talk about going off message.
President Bush has never been accountable for his unconscionable missteps during Hurricane Katrina.

There has never been an adequate investigation of what went wrong. Too little has been done to assure that a similar tragedy will not happen again. New Orleans has not been rebuilt. And the government has not done enough to help the survivors.
We hope Gustav fades harmlessly away. And if it does hit land, we hope the people in its path are properly taken care of.
We must say, though, that we like the idea that as the Bush administration comes to an end, nature is forcing the President and the Republican National Committee to think back to the horrifically bungled response to Katrina — one of the worst part-natural, part-man-made disasters in American History.

Do you agree?

I am so glad the hurricane downgraded itself and does not seem to be as bad as predicted. Meaning that it was not a Cat 5 hurricane and with wind directions coming where it would suck all the water out of Lake Ponchetrain like Katrina did. It will still be horrific and hard for the smaller cities all along Cajun Country. After living down there the after effects of the hurricane are as bad as the hurricane itself.

This is my last "paid" 3 day weekend for awhile, so I am definitely going to enjoy. Going out later in search for some Karma brand dog food. I've been working on organizing my beads and supplies. It is coming together nicely. I will be working on making some earrings today. I have a few special orders I need to create before leaving Guardian.

M is working today. Bummer. But he does get an extra $100 for his trouble. I can spend that!