Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Sixty Eight

Suspend the campaign? Delay the debates? He is not even on a committee. What is Grampy McSame going to rush to Wash DC to do? He knows Obama is going to shred him to pieces in the debates, so he is running scared.

My prediction is that McInsane is going to give it up which will put the whole election process in chaos. Guess who will step in and with legislation will remain president through these difficult times? Makes me wonder if that haven't planned this whole crisis.

Scary hu?


kkryno said...

Very scary! It wouldn't surprise if GDumbyu didn't hatch this plan
in order to further his evil plan.
No: just to further his diabolical crap; and subject the World to more of his special form of torture! GAWD! Are the Republodites that stupid to think that we can't smell a rat?

Anonymous said...

I'm getting worried about this "CRISIS." Why did they wait until the last minute to make this a do or die deal?

peppylady said...

Didn't Dubya real mess up this country.
Someone with common sense and not even very much could do better then him.
I'm so glad that we own our home and are pretty well debt free we owe less then $100 on our credit card.

I find the economics are unstable. I bet the G.O.P (God Only Party) want to help the banker and screw the home owners. To them we just pea ons.

Betty said...

I don't know what's going on with this country. It's in a big mess, that much I do know for sure.

Ghost Dansing said...

that's an interesting theory....

thanks for the doll pictures too.... i've been searching the internet to find the artist with no luck..... perhaps he/she isn't active anymore since you said you've had the pictures for a few years.

pidomon said...

dad has assured me there is enough room in the shed for at least 5 of us :)

hope you and M are having a great week