Monday, September 1, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Forty Four Happy Labor Day

I found this article and this is exactly my sentiments:

On Tap for the Republican Convention: Karmic Payback?
By The Editorial Board

And now, a brief word about the Republican National Convention:
There is apparently a real chance that Hurricane Gustav could hit New Orleans next Monday — which happens to be the day that President Bush, Laura Bush, and Vice President Cheney are scheduled to speak.
Politico, the political Web site, is warning that the storm could disrupt Mr. Bush’s presentation — and bring back memories of Hurricane Katrina’s lethal impact on New Orleans. Talk about going off message.
President Bush has never been accountable for his unconscionable missteps during Hurricane Katrina.

There has never been an adequate investigation of what went wrong. Too little has been done to assure that a similar tragedy will not happen again. New Orleans has not been rebuilt. And the government has not done enough to help the survivors.
We hope Gustav fades harmlessly away. And if it does hit land, we hope the people in its path are properly taken care of.
We must say, though, that we like the idea that as the Bush administration comes to an end, nature is forcing the President and the Republican National Committee to think back to the horrifically bungled response to Katrina — one of the worst part-natural, part-man-made disasters in American History.

Do you agree?

I am so glad the hurricane downgraded itself and does not seem to be as bad as predicted. Meaning that it was not a Cat 5 hurricane and with wind directions coming where it would suck all the water out of Lake Ponchetrain like Katrina did. It will still be horrific and hard for the smaller cities all along Cajun Country. After living down there the after effects of the hurricane are as bad as the hurricane itself.

This is my last "paid" 3 day weekend for awhile, so I am definitely going to enjoy. Going out later in search for some Karma brand dog food. I've been working on organizing my beads and supplies. It is coming together nicely. I will be working on making some earrings today. I have a few special orders I need to create before leaving Guardian.

M is working today. Bummer. But he does get an extra $100 for his trouble. I can spend that!


peppylady said...

I have to call it like I see. But I hope I'm wrong.
I don't think Dubya or any of his evil cronies would be helping the hurricane victim of New Oreleans this time around if it wasn't for an election year and the republicans are so far down in the polls.

I was impress with how average American spoke at democrat convention.

I don't think I'll listen much of republican one but I'm going to try to listen to McInsane.
He won't be getting my vote.

I've never heard of Karma dog food.
My client or I should say makes her dog food.
It millet and she found it part of her Ann Wigmore stuff.

Happy Labor Day.

pidomon said...

have to agree with peppylady on this one.

still cautiously mcSame is toast

hope we both have a good week ahead