Sunday, September 14, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Fifty Seven

I was very busy running around yesterday. I dropped M off from work and then drove out to drop off my timecard. Then I ventured on to Post Falls and checked out and bead shop called Bead It. It was nice, but didn't have much selection. Then back to the northside of Spokane to Fashon Bug. I bought a new pair of slacks and paid my bill. I also went to the mall to CJ Banks and bought to new blouses that were on sale.

The rest of the day I watched tv and did a few things around the house. I avoided watching politics today. Stayed mostly on the food network, the hurricane and then watched the movie Saving Helen. Gave my brain a little rest.

Ended the day having dinner made from the leftovers from M's taco bar that he put on for his employees.


Betty said...

You had a busy day yesterday, Linda, but I'm glad you got in some R & R. I saw a good movie last night on Lifetime, Coco Chanel. I didn't realize Chanel No. 5 was made back in the early 1900's. That woman was unlucky in love. I don't think she ever married.

Hope you are having a good day today. How's working going on the new job?

pidomon said...

sounds like a good day.
I did a lot of work getting ready for Dad's visit this Wednesday