Tuesday, September 16, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Fifty Nine

Another great day at work. At lunch I went and deposited my final checks from Guardian. I also stopped by the florist and ordered my plant for my office. My boss assured me today she has a long term plan for me which made me feel more secure. Sometimes when things are going so well, you just want to pinch yourself.

One of these days I will learn how to use the Google McCain invented the blackberry? Oh please... The half truths and lies are just getting out of hand. Now McInsane wants to regulate government? I wrote my thesis on deregulation and he played an intricate part of deregulating pieces of the government. In fact he championed himself as a deregulator. Now he wants to regulate wall street and set up a 911 commission to study the economy. OMG what will that accomplish? Nothing! Just like the 911 commission. They will say anything, lie about anything to get attention.

I think Americans are wising up..Sara Davy Crockett Palin approval rating has dropped 10 points since last Saturday. Hey, I'm from Indiana and have eaten alot of corn, raised cows, rode horses, collected eggs, and picked berries - I think I can be Secretary of Agriculture. What do you think you could be?

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kkryno said...

It's gotten to the point where I just have a hard time believing in
the whole idea of "honest" government. It's hard not to be jaded.