Saturday, July 18, 2009

2009 Day One Hundred Ninety Four

Here I am again apologizing for not keeping up my blog. There is so much going on. Work has been busy, so no time there to update.

The trunk show is next Saturday. I finalized the deal yesterday. Its funny, I chose a place just knowing she would agree to do it at a reasonable price and I am estatic about it. I am doing the fliers this morning. Still need the following: white tablecloth, 2 hand held mirrors, receipt book and fish bowl. I am very excited.

The little heat wave going through here is miserable, but, bearable. Our grandson has been here. The weekend before last it was the arcade and last weekend it was cosmic bowling. Lots of fun.

M bought me the computer version game Deal or No Deal. Won the $1,000,000 already. Wish it was for real.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. It sure is flying by fast. July is 1/2 over already.


Bob said...

So glad your work is doing so well!

kkryno said...

I'm excited for you with your up-coming show! Will you be putting any photos up on the Spotted Moose website?

I'd like get a new pair of earrings soon.

Have a great Saturday!

CDP said...

I'm glad you're OK! I don't comment often, but I almost always read...I like seeing "2009 Day..." in my reader.