Monday, July 20, 2009

2009 Day One Hundred Ninety Six

It was a pretty good day at work. Sold some earrings. Talked to Michelle, the gal who owns the art studio. There might be an avenue there to sell some jewelry.

Joyce is taking some flyers to her friends tonight. Thank you Joyce.

After work I stopped by my friend's Melissa's house and left my card for her to call me. I called Barb and she is down in Portland at her daughter's recovering from laser surgery to remove a tumor that was behind her eye.

Tonight we are going to Rancho Chico to celebrate Chris' birthday. Should be fun! Ole!

Hope everyone has a nice evening too.


Steve said...

Sounds like a good day especially with Chris in town!
Sorry I haven't been around in a bit but beer and golf took over my priority list.
hope you have a good rest o the week. I'm off to San Diego Wednesday

SaoirseDaily2 said...
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