Saturday, November 8, 2008

2008 Day Three Hundred Eight

It is budget time again. Time that we look at our expensives and see where all the money is going. We have decided to write down everything we spend for the next 2 months and actually see where our money is going.

We have priorities of things that need spending on. First getting the heater fixed in M's truck. We have been talking about trading it in on a SUV 4 wheel drive. We need 4 wheel drive here in the winter. I still remember getting stuck in the snow last year, in front of the house of all places. Second we need to replace the hot tub cover. Ours is getting old and soggy, which makes it very heavy.

It is going to be a wet, rainy and windy weekend. Good weekend to stay in and clean house and make earrings. I do have a few errands to run today. Post Office, Walmart, Costco and Safeway. Speaking of Safeway, Thursday when I stopped for gas, by using my Safeway card I got 90 cents of a gallon off the price. So I paid only $1.46 per gallon. Filled my tank which was on empty for only $20.70. Felt like being back in the 1980's.

Tomorrow we are going to our favorite chinese restaurant for dinner with our friends Debbie and Pat. Should be good times. What are your favorite chinese entrees? I have this one favorite dish call Pan Fried Chicken with garlic sauce. The chicken is real crispy and the sauce is real spicy. Love it!

I am sending out wishes for everyone to have a fun, relaxing and most excellent weekend.


kkryno said...

I love chinese food; but K. doesn't. We rarely eat out because I always feel that I can usually make most meals as well for a fraction of the cost. Not the case with chinese so, when I beg (nag) we finally get to go. I'm pretty boring though because broccoli and chicken is usually my pick. I also love hot and sour soup, and fried rice AND egg rolls with hot mustard and...Okay; I love all of it! There are so many. ;0)

Now I have a craving!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Betty said...

My, Linda, you were up early this mornng. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Love the pictures as usual.

Anonymous said...

Arrrrgh -- Chinese is a sore subject around these here parts since one vendor was busted hauling a road killed deer through the front door and butchering it in his kitchen. He told the health dept he was just going to taste it...After a 1 K fine and 2 weeks off he's back in business again. I want to go there and talk to someone who buys his stuff.

I am a fan os Shagnhai Noodles though from the other chinese place that we actually go to !!

Anonymous said...

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