Saturday, November 29, 2008

2008 Day Three Hundred Twenty Seven

I won an award from Utah Savage. I am addicted to her blog. A most excellent woman who can write so wonderfully about all types of subjects. I must admit I like the stories she tells the best. It is no wonder she has a large following. I am honored that she gave me this award.

I would like to honor the following this award: The Heart Mandala for the Bloggers With the Open Heart

My kindred spirit-friend: Pidomon You know how special you are to me.

Bob of Phydeaux and Phriends - Because you have a wonderful heart full of wisdom and knowledge.

Robin of Tales of Brave Sir Robin - A lovely man and friend who also has a kind heart.

I woke up this morning thinking it was Sunday, but, it's only Saturday! How nice! M took my keys by accident so I had to go down to AAA and swap keys. While I was out I stopped at Walmart. The pups were out of treats and I needed a few things. Then to Safeway to pickup a few more things to complete tonight's dinner. We are having soft chicken tacos. Currently the chicken is in the pot simmering in spices, making the house smell so good. I also got logs for the fireplace tonight.

I finished an earring order tonight for Vicki. They are so pretty I was tempted to make a pair for myself. She gave me the colors: red, amber and crystal on gold. So fitting for the holidays. And a pair of Dcup inspired goddess earrings too.

Its cold and foggy tonight. Perfect night for staying in and maybe a little soak in the hot tub. Ahhh peace on earth, or for our little space on this planet.

Peace and happiness to all of you too.


pidomon said...

an award? for me?
thank you so very much
sounds like you had a good saturday
i did too. Natalee is so sweet for a one year old.
of course she decided she wanted food when I was holding her and her Mom was all like "Here's the bottle"
not sure i can describe the panic I felt LOL
but she and I came through it in flying colors

Bob said...

Thank you, Linda. I am honored.

Anonymous said...

You're going to make them wear tuxedos when the accept those awards, right?

I thought of you last night. We went to see Twilight which is set in the Pacific Northwest.

Congratulations on the award. I was honored to be included in the group with you at Utah's.

kkryno said...

Oh, Linda; I'm so excited to see them! I'm sure they are beautiful.

Thanks for doing such a great thing that will give my friend such joy. :)

Brave Sir Robin said...

I'm touched.

Thank you so much.

Utah Savage said...

Oh how I love you women with the open hearts. Probably why the men love you too.