Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2008 Day Three Hundred Eleven Veterans Day

If I was Obama, I would hold up any monies going to the state of California until their governor corrects the unconstitional Prop 8. He was asking for 7 Billion. I'd say not a dime Gov until everyone in your state has equal rights.

Also their are states that still have not ratified the woman's right to vote. These states are in red:

The may let us vote, but under the law we as women still are not equal. The fight for equality wages on.


We are exploring the idea of buying a new car. A black cherry KIA Sportage. We have started the loan dance with the bank.

Still damp and rainy. Its feeling more like winter than fall. Not much else going on here.

Have a terrific Tuesday!


pidomon said...

a new car? sweet!!!!!
i'm still loving mine
hope you and M have a great week

Brave Sir Robin said...

How did I not know that about Woman's right to vote?

They do know this is 2008, right?

Anonymous said...

Wow - with the exception of Nevada, Virginia and N. Carolina, those "red" states mirror the states that voted for McCain.

Anonymous said...

I posted about those gorgeous earrings with pictures. (will post tomorrow 9am eastern)

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