Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! We had such a great time at the casino. We ate at the sit down restaurant - not the buffet and it was unhurried and nice. Afterwards we played several machines. I think my favorite this time was a machine called Fairy's Fortune. It was a very interactive game. And I won money! Yeah. They also make a really great sugar free mocha at the deli. Thank you everyone at Northern Quest - We had the best Thanksgiving ever!

Thirteen Things about Saoirse

13 Things I am Thankful For

1…. Michael, my husband of 23 wonderful years.

2. My son, Gideon, who is independent, handsome and happy.

3. Our daughter BJ, who is beautiful and perfect. And Jacob our one and only grandson.

4. Lady, our female shihtzu mix, who came to us abandonned and shy and now owns our heart and soul.

5. Sammie, our male shihtzu, who came to us abused and grumpy who is now a lover and world champion snuggler.

6. M's Mom who survived a heart attack this year and seems to become stronger everyday.

7. Her husband, Chris, and his friendship.

8. Carol & Roger - We love you and hope you are enjoying the mild weather down in Texas.

9. Our house.

10. Our good jobs.

11. Jiffy, my car, that I love driving each and everyday.

12. All our friends who we love and enjoy.

13. Our life in Spokane.

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