Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Big snow coming! That is what they are warning us of. Oh Joy another wonderful drive to work. This morning and this afternoon wasn't so bad. Most of the roads were sprayed.
Where is the global warming everyone is squawking about? I want to email Al Gore and say What's Up? It is so dang cold....brrrr
After work I stopped at the library and returned books and picked up my books on hold. One is GPS for Dummies. I want to learn all I can before I get mine.
I also stopped and picked up a Papa Murphy's pizza. I did not feel like cooking or shopping. And M will have something fun to take for lunch tomorrow.
I watched Oprah! Incredible weight loss stories.

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Betty C. said...

I love your picture on this post. I didn't look at your profile when I stopped by Friday's Feast today, so didn't notice you were from Spokane. My dad was born there, and I used to spend time there every summer. I drove through last summer, though, and thought the town was looking pretty run down...I didn't get into the center, though. Just up Division and a little "out in the Valley."