Sunday, November 25, 2007


Cold and gray outside. Lazy day inside. Slept in and then took a nap. I guess I needed more sleep.

We are meeting friends at Rancho Chico for dinner tonight.

Sunday meme:

1. Have you ever taken an art class?

Yes in high school and college

2. Do you draw, paint, or sculpt?

I like to create collages which includes all 3. I also like needlework, quilting, beading and other crafts.

3. Do you ever attend art shows or other artistic exhibitions?

Yes, when there are any. Spokane is not considered an art mecca.

4. What kinds and styles of art are you drawn to?

I love all kinds of styles of art. I'm mostly drawn to western paintings and gothic photography.

5. What kind of art do you actually have in your home?

I have oil painting of a Mountain Man Scene. We also have a framed print of Norman Rockwell's Lake Powell scene and other prints and paintings spread all around the house.

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