Sunday, November 18, 2007


Well, I totally destroyed my other blog, so, I had to start a totally new one.

Yesterday Lorna came over and we spent the afternoon talking, laughing and gossiping while we made beaded bracelets. It was fun to swap supplies. She taught me alot and had a wonderful day.

Today, we got up and I went to the store because we were out of milk. I bought food for the week. When I got home I made a huge breakfast. Went back to bed and took a nice long nap. That was surprising because I went to bed so early the night before.

The rest of day we read the paper, watched tv, played on the computer and just enjoyed the day being together. Finally got out of the house and went to Circuit City to look at tv's. Out tv that we have had for the past 12 years the color is going out. We have the big screen downstairs, but really need a good working tv for upstairs too. While there we also looked at GPS Navigational systems. I want a handheld one to use to go geocaching. Its at the top of my Christmas list. On the way home we stopped at Dutch Brothers for mochas.

Now for the rest of the evening I am trying to recreate my blog. I hope everyone can find me.

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