Wednesday, April 1, 2009

2009 Day Ninety Happy April Fool's Day

Winter has its claws in use and does not want to let go. I feel this way every beginning of spring. We love when it finally gets here but it is so fleeting when it does finally arrive.


bingozine said...

We are celebrating the first warm spring day in ages in London. Nice blog :)

A. K. said...

Great post...Happy April Fool Day

BTW, its getting freaking hot here in New Delhi!

kkryno said...

We called K.'s mom and told her we were pregnant! I can't believe she almost bought it.

If I weren't almost fifty...

It's snowing here, BIG flakes. I guess Mother Nature has a sense of humor!

I hope your Wednesday is a good one!

Steve said...

Sheri and I joked about Michele passing on April Fools day tonight and how that would have been the best prank of all! (We are lucky we've had some humor in all of our loved one's passing)
Just wanted to say thank you for your love and support for my sister and family and me since we have know each other.