Sunday, April 12, 2009

2009 Day One Hundred One

Happy Hard Boiled Egg Day. It is overcast here as it usually is on Easter weekend. I forgot to post yesterday. It was a good Saturday. Did stuff around the house. I did make it out to Petco and bought dry dog food. I bought the brand Ellen DeGeneres puts out: Halo - chicken stew flavor. They seems to like it okay as long as you put wet food with it.

I watched the movie Definitely Maybe. A chick flick, so, you know I liked it.

M is still sick, so, we will spend today at home just kicking back. We watched the movie Bolt this morning. What a cute movie. We both enjoyed it very much. I have stuff to keep me busy today. Chores, new book, and earring making.

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday.


kkryno said...

Well, now I have a huge craving for egg salad, but for some reason the Easter Bunny missed our house again this year! Guess I'll have to boil my own eggs! ;0)

We have had snow again here, although it hasn't stuck. I'm pretty sick of overcast skies about now. Maybe a trip home will help.

I hope M. gets better quickly. Sounds like you guys have the right idea; kicking back and watching movies! Me; I have the endless laundry pile to keep me entertained tonite. Yay.

Have a good week!

tony said...

Happy Easter.Regards From Tony.

Lisa said...

I hope you've had a good day. Is M feeling better?

peppylady said...

I'm a big fan of devil eggs I even like a little bit of horseradish with mine.

Hoppy Easter