Friday, April 10, 2009

2009 Day Ninety Nine

It was such a beautiful day today. I went and did some bead shopping at lunch. Coming back I got to open the sunroof for the first time this season.

They let us go home an hour early. I think we all had spring fever and wanted to escape.

I love Friday nights. I kind of do what I want when I want. There is nothing on tv that interests me tonight. I did get a new book titled Lovely Bones. I've heard from several people that it is a really good book.

Hope everyone had a nice Good Friday.


Linda S. Socha said...

Hi Linda.
Love this photo...Glad you got the time off sweets. I hope your food plan is going well. Every day has been a struggle with mine. I a restarting Monday! Good luck with yours

Cher said...

Hey'll enjoy Lovely Bones. Well written. When you finish it, I have finished The Road, and you may have it if you want to read it next. Once again, well-written and haunting. - Cher

giggles said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments (as always!)
It is rainy here, so I'm gonna quilt... I finally get to start QUILTING that project I posted about so long ago.... It took a long time to piece it all together and find the perfect quilt template....which I found on the net so I had to wait for the order to come thru snail mail.... I still have to baste the thing, but I expect to be ready to quilt sometime this evening.... I get to sit in front of the tee-vee and quilt away.... yay! I've got the first 5 episodes of "The Wire" Nope,never seen it, and I've heard it's the best tee-vee has to offer....

Let me know what you think of "The Lovely Bones?"

Happy Easter (or whatever!)

Steve said...

wow hope your nice weather stays around for abit this time
like giggles we have rain here today but I have inside stuff to do so I guess that's ok (plus the rose bush seems to be enjoying the rain)
hope you and M have a great weekend

linda said...

hi linda, thanks for leaving me a comment today about my intelligent idea of getting a westie!!;) I want one so badly and found a litter finally!

I want to get another dog and have fallen in love but have never had a terrier...what is your honest opinion?


Lisa said...

I just recommended The Lovely Bones to someone recently. It's been a couple of years since I read it, but I remember enjoying it, despite the disturbing topic.

How nice that you got to home from work early. Doing what you want, when you want sounds lovely.

peppylady said...

Have a wonderful Hoppy Easter.

Coffee is on.

kkryno said...

Oh wow! I think you just found my dream home for me!