Thursday, April 23, 2009

2009 Day One Hundred Twelve

I love this picture because I want awnings for our house. I think they make a house look charming.

I love having flex pay benefits. All the monies I paid out for doctor visits and prescriptions this week got all paid back to me today. Just so I could turn around and spend it all on presciptions for M. But, I get it all back next Thursday.

I went to the Olive It Cafe for lunch today. It is at the corner of Bridgeport and Crescent in the Hillyard. What an adorable place! Plus they showcase local artists. I was wearing one of my necklaces, and she asked if I wanted to sell some of my jewlery in their restaurant. I may think about doing that.

My package came from HSN. It is the jewlery suitcase I had ordered. I can't wait to fill it up.

Hope everyone has a nice Friday.


jeanniy said...

nice house ! i like it .

Lisa said...

Sound like things are going well! I hope you enjoy the new jewelry suitcase. I'm wearing a pair you made right now. Love them.

kkryno said...

How exciting! I hope you decide to sell some of your beautiful pieces there.

You could be embarking on a new career!