Friday, April 3, 2009

2009 Day Ninety Two

I haven't felt like posting the last few days out of respect for Steve. But here I am.

I got off work early today because I went in early and helped on a project with Deb. It snowed and then turned to rain today. Now it has calmed down and even some sun in peeking through.

My sugar levels are finally going down. Still not feeling like myself, but I'm sure I will rebound sooner or later.

I am cleaning the kitchen this afternoon since it has become a disaster since this all began. I am going to make fresh pico de gallo to go with the breakfast burritos for dinner tonight.

My weekend will consist of staying around the house and getting caught up. I need to go and order and pay for the new kitchen floor tomorrow. I have tons of shows recorded on the dvr.

I hope everyone enjoys their few days off. Did you hear the Sham WOW guy got busted at a prostitution house? We had a good laugh at that.

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