Friday, May 22, 2009

2009 Day One Hundred Thirty Eight

It was alot warmer today. We took the dogs to the groomer this morning. Stopped for coffee at Wut's Brewin on Country Homes Blvd. I had a very yummy sugar free blened double chocolate mocha. After leaving the dogs off we ventured over to Home Depot. We bought the a replacement window blind, a really cool stain glass overlay for the kitchen's back door window and 2 parts bins for all my beads. Saw my old friend Tonette who used to live a couple doors down from the old rental house. I am going over tomorrow to her place, she is having a garage sale and offered me space to display my jewelry. I might be able to sell some earrings.

I spent the rest of the day carding and re-bagging my earrings for sale. The other day ago we went to the warehouse that sells display items and I bought displays to assist in selling and also for picture taking.

Vacation sure zipped by. Only the long weekend left. I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend full of sun, bbq and fun.

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