Thursday, May 7, 2009

2009 Day One Hundred Twenty Six

Its Thursday, not Friday, but, we will make the best of it. The sun is shining this morning for a little while before more rain comes in.

I haven't really posted because not much has happened in the last few days. Just routine life.

Scheduled the remaining 3 days of my vacation. I wonder how people have vacation days to roll over at the end of the year when I never have enough vacation. Last night I had a scare, my little dog, Sammie, was not feeling so great. Almost took him to the vet. But seems to be his old self this morning. Whew!

I've been recently having fun on Twitter. Its fun to read people who actually have lives filled with adventures and interesting thoughts. If any of you are on Twitter let me know, so I can follow.

I see that today is the National Day of Prayer. I don't believe in prayer or praying to an all knowing magical being with a clipboard in the sky who is in charge of what we do and think. I believe in fate and karma. I do believe there is a spirit of goodness that guides people. So instead of praying, why not go out and commit an act of kindness or create beauty or fight for peace and justice? These are my thoughts on a sunny Thursday morning.


Ghost Dansing said...

national prayer day.... here's a little ghost for the offering......

Ouyangdan said...

Hey you! I am on Twitter.

Twitter handle is randombabble, or just go hereI don't know when you changed comments, but I couldn't comment for the longest time. Thanks for changing it! Just want you to know you are in my reader.

Take care and enjoy the sun!

Lisa said...

I hope you're having a great weekend, Linda! Sounds like things are going well!