Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day One Hundred Thirty Seven Vacation Day4

This painting is called Wind in the Trees. And out my window is what we have - wind through our trees.

Where did Vacation Day 3 go? Not very far. We ventured out and stopped at my favorite coffee stand, Walnut Street Perk, first thing. We drove out to Airway Heights to the Walmart Supercenter in hopes to find BBQ parts for our grill. Of course they were out of what we needed. But I did buy a cool pair of brown flip flops and a new purse.

Didn't really have a plan beyond Walmart, so we headed back to town and drove up to South Hill. We stopped at Hangar 57 for lunch. I ordered the Philly Steak Sandwich, the owner came back and said no beef, I then said anchovie pizza, he said no anchovies (they were on the menu) I then chose Thai pizza, he came back and said they were out of chicken, I said ok how about a sausage pizza, he came back and said they forgot to heat up the pizza oven, I said ok how about a Italian sausage sandwich. At this point I went to the restroom. While gone from the table he had returned and asked if salami was ok. M said yes. Finally got our lunch and it was good. They comp'd our lunch. Whoot! I gave the girl server 2 pairs of earrings and back in the sunshine we went. It actually was in the high seventies. With no real plan we went home and hung out.

They are doing road construction about a block away and the noise is really annoying. Plus they have the streets detoured so it proves there are 2 seasons in Spokane: winter snow and construction.

No plans again today, but, we are going to BBQ some short ribs. The weather turned cooler and windy today with a chance of thunderstorms. But should warm up again by the holiday weekend.


kkryno said...

Thank goodness there was SOME food at Hangar 57! I'm glad they were good about comping the meal. Just goe to show; there's always a silver lining.

Sorry that your vacation is nearly over. I'll bet it was good to relax.

I've been waiting for the driveway repair dudes to come finish the job they started four days ago. If they don't show up by the end of the day, I'll hang a sign on my lawn advertising their "exemplary workmanship!"

That's what you get for being nice and paying someone before the complete a task. Never again.

Have a good night.


kkryno said...

Oops! Goe=goes.

Steve said...

i've always found the best vacations are those without too many plans!

Hope you and M keep enjoying yourselves

Lisa said...

You are so sweet to not have lost your temper at the Hangar 57! And i like how you took care of the server nevertheless.

And any time you leave with new flip flops and a purse, it's a good thing!