Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2009 Day One Hundred Thirty One

It was a routine morning. Shower, dress, medicine, test blood, Cheerios (with blueberries)dress, hair, gather my stuff and out the door. I did have a little time to finish some earrings I was working on last night. Even sold a pair when I got to work. I stopped at Mugshots on Garland for a mocha. It was very good.

Today at lunch American West Bank downtown is having Shred Day. So I brought the bag I've been stuffing all my shredables in so I can drop that off. We burned up our shredder awhile back and have not replaced it.


Lisa said...

Shred day? That's great! We have a bunch of stuff we need to shred. I'm afraid it would take forever to finish.

Hope your Thursday is a good one!

Linda S. Socha said...

What a beautiful picture. Hope your day goes well!

Happy Woman said...

Have a wonderful vacation:). Gorgeous pic!