Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Ninety Seven

Yesterday we had out potluck/company meeting. It was very nice. Lots of great food and the meeting was very informative of where the company is going. Since last January the company's business has trippled. It was stressed that the hope our current governor will be re-elected because that is somehow tied in to our growth due to a program she created.

The election is getting close. Our ballots have been filled out and dropped off. All we can do now is suffer through the nastiness and wait for next Tuesday with fingers crossed and hope in our hearts.

Thought I lost my music player last night. I was trying to update some of the songs. But this morning it was back. Whew!

They are predicting a rainy Halloween. We do not get many trick or treaters. A few little ones and then later in the night some rowdy teenagers. Not like it used to be. I may dress up for work, but, still not sure.

Have a terrific Tuesday. Welcome back Pidomon! To DCup and Utah Savage - thank you for the wonderful writing. Its always a treat to go and read your blogs.


kkryno said...
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kkryno said...

I deleted my previous post because I told you to have a great Friday. Talk about rushing the week! Oops.

How about have a great week?


Anonymous said...

I'm trying not to be anxious annie about the elections. Can I just hide under the covers until Tuesday?

peppylady said...

I like potlucks a little bit of everything and most of it pretty tastie.

I sure hope Dino don't become your governor. I don't have much hope for Idaho putting in many liberal.
Last time I believe that Idaho voted for a liberal was 70 years ago for "FDR" and only for one term.

I'm sure glad you vote it real gets me mad when people can't bother to vote.
I'll be casting my ballot Tuesday.

Coffee is on.

pidomon said...

thanks for the welcome back
I think you should dress up for halloween but thats just me

hope you have a great week

Utah Savage said...

Well, aren't you sweet?

I love seeing the little kids dressed up and trick or treating, bust since I now live at the back of the property, I don't get the pleasure of the tots, but I also don't suffer the annoyance of answering the door to kids in their teens.

Have a lovely evening, talk with you tomorrow.