Friday, October 3, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Seventy Six

The debate...we could have had a drinking game everytime she said she was a mayor or a governor. Why couldn't he had said, ok so you were a mayor..lets talk about that. You raised taxes on the citizens of Wasilla to build a hockey arena, which you built on land that You as chief executive did not check to see if you owned. You left the town 20 million in debt - So in debt that they had to hire a city manager to help them with the money trouble you left them. Governor...lets discuss all the scandals, the mentioning of banning books, Todd working unofficially in the office and refusing to answer a subpeona... I could go on and on. It's easy to run from the troubles your political party has caused saying you don't want to discuss the past... if I was a republican, I would be embarrassed to discuss the current past too. Joe should of kept hammering that we were better off 8 years ago!

If they win, I will never mention politics ever again.

Just to mention some of the trees are in full fall colors. Oranges, reds and purples. I am going to try and take some pictures amd post them this weekend.

M is going back to work today. He is not completely well, but well enough.

Have a great weekend!


Betty said...

Love, love, love the pictures, especially the October one. Where did you find that? So different from any graphics I have seen.

Hope you have had a good week.

Ouyang Dan said...

Please do post some pictures! As much as I love Hawai'i I miss the fall! I miss the leaves turning, the crisp air, and the smells.

The Kid was supposed to have a field trip to the pumpkin patch here, but the vog has made crops come in late, and it was cancelled. That is where i usually get all of my fall pics for scrapping! *pout*

Hope you had a good birthday!

Ghost Dansing said...


Anonymous said...

You're right. The way the debate was structured, there was no way to do any follow up questions. What a shame. It would have been nice to see Palin have to answer for her record that she was crowing about.