Saturday, October 4, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Seventy Seven

Woke to soft rain this morning. It is suppose to rain all day. It's laundry and housework day.

OJ Found Guilty! Such sweet justice, the verdict coming in on the anniversary of his aquittal. We all know he murdered Nicole and Ron. He got away with murder. So arrogant! I hope he gets life in prision. I guess he won't be playing golf for awhile or throwing any women out of his car. He's finally getting what he deserved so many years ago.

It's been one of those wonderful fall days. Big dark heavy clouds above and a slight cool breeze. Makes me want to make chili or stew with homemade bread. I've been working on little projects all day, mostly trying to clean off my desk. I drove DK to work. He will be working a double shift. So M and I have the house to ourselves tonight.


kkryno said...

He is faced with life in prison. I hope like heck he gets it!

pidomon said...

what comes around goes around!

had a great day today. golf this morning and saw my nieces tonight (pics at my place)

glad you and M are having a good weekend