Thursday, March 27, 2008

2008 Day Eighty Eight

It snowed again today. Will it ever end? Will Spring ever come? More snow coming tomorrow. I'm thrilled...

I had my annual review at work today. It was pleasant and I got a raise. Not much of one, but, in this economy I guess any raise is a good raise.

On the the other side on my way home I got my first speeding ticket in 30 years! I am so dumb. 14 miles over the speed limit. I guess I will go to Traffic School so they will espunge it off my record. M of course gave me no sympathy. I say it is Jiffy's fault. She is so fun to drive and she is well, Jiffy.

Tonight is the Celebrity Apprentice finale. I am hoping Trace wins. Hope I can stay up that late to watch it all.


pidomon said...

Are we living parallel lives? LOL
I just sent off money to pay a speeding ticket in Texas I got on vacation last year my first ticket in almost the same time frame as yours!

Betty said...

OMG, Linda, winter just doesn't want to loose it's grip on you does it? We left to go to Ohio last Friday, and it snowed up there on Saturday morning.

Sorry you got a speeding ticket. I have a lead foot myself.

Of course, I love the picture.