Monday, March 17, 2008

2008 Day Seventy Eight Happy St Patrick's Day

We started the day out taking all 3 dogs to the groomer.

Went down to O'Dougherty's. Free Whiskey (the band) was playing. Such great Irish music. I'm crazy for bodhram, fiddle and penny whistle music. We had the fish & chip lunch listen to the music for awhile then decided to move on because it just isn't the same if you cannot drink beer..

We walked next door to Boo Radley's and looked around. I bought the Sublime Stitchery book I was going to buy online. Saved on shipping costs.

We left downtown and found some coffee. That sobered M up. We stopped at Lowes to look for lighting for my craft room. Didn't find what we were looking for there. Next stop was at Michael's and they actually had the craft lamps we were looking for and they were on sale. Now instead of using the kitchen table I can actually use my craft room. From there picked up the dogs and headed home.

some St Patrick's memories....

My brother, Steve, was born on Saint Patrick's Day. So of course we celebrated the birth of Saint Steve every year. I call him St Steve, because my brother when I was growing up never did anything wrong, or let's just say, he never got caught doing anything wrong. He was alot like my mother. Orderly, sane and very stable. I was the adventurous-flighty one. My brother's best friend was Marc O'Connor who was about 6'5''. One year he came over and picked Steve up and he was dressed as a leprechaun! Just imagine a 6'5" all dressed in green-top hat and elf curly toe shoes and all. It was a crack up. I wished at the time I was older so I could have gone with them.

The other memory that comes to mind is back in my single bar hopping days. Where I grew up St Pat's was a big day. I have never worked on this holiday. We would start with the tricycle races and move onto the potato sack races to the green beer chuging contests and then to hilarious limerick contests. We ate lots of free corned beef and cabbage and drank probably too many pints of beer. One year I had really wanted to date this guy who I cannot even remember his name now. He had just bought a new corvette...knowing I was Irish and new all the fun places to go on St Pat's he asked me out. We hit all the fun places and did all the fun things. Then he asked those fateful words..."Have you ever drank green tequilla"? I said no I had not but was game to try ...and we did...And driving home, well I got a tipsy bit sick in his new corvette. He was a true gentleman through and through - but he never asked me out again. I can't say I blame him.

My second or third date with M was on St Pat's day. We were quite on our way though the drinking and merriment when he decided to take me to meet his parents.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day. *Slainte*


Betty said...

Hi Linda,

I'm glad you enjoyed yesterday, St. Patrick's Day. I didn't do anything special. I did get my grandson yesterday afternoon, and he spent the night with me. Just left a short time ago. He always takes my computer over when he's here, which makes me late getting things done on my blog.

Anonymous said...

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