Saturday, March 1, 2008

2008 Day Sixty Two

It was a great day. M and I started the day out very nicely. Then I went and met Lorna and Angie at the Spokane Art School where they were holding a Treasures Swap. I bought some really nice beads there. From there I took them to the bead shop I found last week. Bought alot of really fun beads. We stopped and had lunch at Taco Bell. We decided to go up to Lorna's house and bead and talk. Very fun. We are meeting up again tomorrow for the Bead Trade Show out at the Mirabeau Hotel in the valley. Lorna is talking about having a Crafts Open House in April.

I stopped at Taco Time and bought M's lunch and took it to him. I visited him for awhile and then headed for home.

We did not get the rain they were prediciting. It stayed sunny but cool most of the day. Feels like early Spring.

Watched the latest episode of Gone Country and Celebrity Apprentice. Bobby Brown is surprising everyone, including me. Trace Adkins is hanging in there on the Apprentice. His strong quiet presence has impressed me.

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Betty said...

Wild looking picture on your blog this time, but it's interesting. I like it.

I hope you have had a good weekend and that you have a good week.