Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2008 Day Seventy Nine

After work I went to the bank to meet with Robin regarding the home equity loan. Everything is done. Now we wait for the appraisal.

One of my favorite poets is Nikki Giovanni. She died of cancer in1998 but I still love her poems.

No Reservations

there are no reservations

for the revolution

no polite little clerk

to send notice

to your room

saying you are WANTED

on the battlefield

there are no banners

to wave you forward

no blaring trumpets

not even a blues note

moaning wailing lone blue note

to the yoruba drums saying

strike now shout

strike now fire

strike now run

there will be no grand parade

and a lot thrown round

your neck

people won't look up and say

"why he used to live next to me

usn't it nice

it's his turn now"

there will be no recruitment


where you can give

the most convenient hours

"monday wednesday i play ball

firday night i play cards

any other time i'm free"

there will be no reserve

of energy

no slacking off till next time

"let's see -- i can come back

next week

better not wear myself out

this time"

there will be no reservations


if we fail

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Betty said...

Nice post, Linda, and as usual, I like the photo.

Have a good night.