Saturday, March 8, 2008

2008 Day Sixy Nine

I slept in this morning. It is raining outside and it was such a nice change than getting up at 3:00 am as I do each day of the work week.

This week's Photo Hunt theme is DIFFERENT. Hope you like what I have chosen.

A wrong way corrigan in this bunch.

This week I have read alot of people's blogs. There are many talented writers out there who can write about their lives so vividly that you can really seem to know them. I am not the best writer and my life has been average. I have had really good times and really low times but on the whole average. I am going to start to write a little bit about my life for my son to read so he can understand where I came from. So I will write a little about my life each day.

I was born in Fort Wayne, IN. I had many problems healthwise with my ears and throat. They removed my tonsils and adnoids when I was only 5 weeks old. I guess I almost died, so I was baptised in the hospital. But as you can see I made it. It is also hard to believe I was only 5 lbs when I was born. When I was born my grandmother, Blanche, was in the hospital for thyroid surgery. I had learned she did not care for me because I took away her attention during that time. At least this is what I have put together from what has been told to me in bits and pieces. I continued to have health issues for the next two years. All I really remember of living in Fort Wayne is that we had a little black cocker spaniel named Holly and that the house was a little white Cape Cod style house with green shutters. With the harsh winters of Indiana my parents decided to sell everything and move to California where the weather is milder and where my father was once stationed in the Army and where the problems with my ears would have a better chance to heal. Growing up I always felt guilty because they had to leave their comfortable life near my father's family and move clear across the country. My mother on occasion would like to remind me that I was the reason they had to move. Even though now as an adult I know that was the best choice for them. For my father he could move away from the nagging guilt of being expected to work on the family farm and for my mother away from a critical and downright cruel mother in law. Neither one was cut out for small town farm life.


I have so much to do today. Housework that has been ignored, a mountain of laundry and bead projects I want to start. It is a nice rainy day to stay in and work on that. There is a Spring Craft Show going on at the college. I may go and look around and get ideas for more jewelry projects.

I am considering myself tagged by Pidomon:

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Donna said...

Thanks for stopping in for a visit at my "place"!!LOL....We don't usually get much snow, at all. Maybe one day of it a year and it's usually gone by noon. I really like your pictures with your post! I love to use them to, at least I did until I learned how to download pictures. Hope you visit again..I know I'll be back! Have a Warm night!!!

jennifer h said...

I'm so happy if what I wrote inspired you in any way to write your own story.

My husband is from Indiana, and we have a lake house there, not far from Fort Wayne (in Syracuse, on Lake Wawasee).

Thank you for your comments on my site, and for the recipe! I'll have to make that soon.

blogScope said...

this is a very nice picture, just keep it up and enjoy your weekend!!! check mine also in here PHOTOHUNTER!

pidomon said...

I was also baptized in the hospital!

Great idea to write a little each day for your son.

Betty said...

I like your pictures for Photo Hunters, but then I always like your pictures.

I loved reading about your life. It helps me to get to know you better. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us.

Also, thank you for tagging me. That will give me something to work on today.

Hope you are having a wonderful, restful weekend.


Phyl said...

I found you via Bettys blog.

Your writing about your life and the things that happened touched my heart and I wanna tell you this...friends are the family we get to choose! I would be honored to be your friend.

My folks were a lot like yours...and I decided when I was little to raise my own kids knowing that I was an adult and fully responsible for any and all decisions....right, wrong, or indifferent...that I made. Adults are so wrong to blame their children for anything.

Lots of love to you...

Aprilwine said...

Thanks for the tag, just did it!!

USA_Admiral said...

Thank you for the tag and I finished it.

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