Saturday, March 15, 2008

2008 Day Seventy Six

We got up and had BLT's for breakfast. M went off with Chris to work on the shop's computer project. I went to the Rock n Roller's Gem and Mineral Show.

I saw lots of beautiful stones. I bought a string of red polished stones that were drilled so they could be used as beads. I also bought 2 carved stone angels pendants with bails and a gold donkey pin.

I went by a bead shop that Lorna has been telling me about, but it was closed. Came home and let the dogs out. Went over to Walmart and bought all the normal things on the list plus filters for the fish tank and some red beads to finish the "chili pepper" necklace I've been working on.

I did finish that necklace this afternoon. When M came home we got ready and went out to Opa for dinner. We met Debbie and Pat who are delightful. The conversation was terrific. The food and the service could have been better, but, the restaurant was crowded and very busy. I was surprised a Greek/Italian restaurant did not have espresso or any coffee drinks. Like I always say, East Drink and Be Merry because tomorrow you may be in Spokane.


Betty said...

Sounds like you have had a nice day today. It's been raining here a good portion of the day. I went out anyway to take a pair of jeans back to the store.

I still haven't received the necklace you said you were making me. I understood you to say you were mailing it last Monday. The only reason I mention this is I'm afraid it has been lost in the mail. Also, I don't want you to think I received it and just didn't acknowledge it.

Have a good day tomorrow. I think you said you'll be off Monday, too. That should give you some rest. Hope so anyway.

Take care.


pidomon said...

sounds like a pretty good Saturday
After a few chores around Casa Da Pido I took the day off and spent my time doing nothing!