Sunday, March 16, 2008

2008 Day Seventy Seven

M left early and was gone all day finishing the computer project at the shop.

I did laundry, watched tv and finished some beading projects.

Talked to DK tonight. He is celebrating St Pats Day with all his friends.

more past memories....

One week before Christmas the family drove to San Jose and we bought a travel trailer from a private party. I don't remember the brand of trailer but I do remember the model name: Diablo. We took the little trailer and camped all over northern California. We went every year to Big Sur and then on to the Calaveras County Frog Jump. Many summers we camped at the beach and also on the Leary's private land in Placerville. It was always alot of fun. My Mom's favorite thing she would make was potato soup over the campfire. And I remember them buying bacon in a can. We would have our own private frog jumps with frogs we caught from the river. We climbed the sand dunes at Sunset Beach, saw wild boars in Big Sur, listened to ghost stories while toasting marshmallows around the campfire, saw the monarch butterflies of Carmel, marvelled at the tall redwood trees, visited most all of the California missions, panned for gold and enjoyed being a family of vagabonds on all those long weekends. California was beautiful back then and I have many happy memories after we bought the Diablo trailer.


Betty said...

Enjoyed reading more about your life, Linda. I think California is still beautiful, but I've never been to Washington. That is one state I hope to visit one day.

Enjoy your day at the pub.


Aprilwine said...

We camped at Big Sur a few summers ago. Can't wait to go back. Big Sur is still one of the most beautiful parts of California's coast.

pidomon said...

Hope you are having a wonderful St. Pats day!