Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2008 Day Eighty Seven

Is it only Wednesday? I kept hearing that question all day at work. Yes indeed it is only hump day. To make matters worse it snowed, rained and hailed. Will winter ever lose it's grip? Can you tell I had a headache all day?

Now that I am home and took some good ol' Excedrin, I feel much better.

On the plus side, M is working days Thursday and Friday. So we can live normal for a few days.

I want to share another poem from Nikki Giovanni:


I suppose living

in a meterialistic society


to some would be having

more than what you need

living in a electronic age seeing

the whole world by pushing a button

the nth degree might perhaps be

adequately represented by having

someone else to push

the buttons for you

i have thought if only

i could become rich and famous i would

live luxuriously in new york knowing

famous people eating

in expensive restaurants calling

long distance anytime i want

but you held me

one evening and now i know

the ultimate luxury

of your love


USA_Admiral said...

Rain, snow, headaches, joint aches are the reason I happily moved down here. It was tough and I remember my days in Indiana. The older I got the more headaches and sinus problems I had.

Get some rest and feel better!

chang'e said...

just yesterday i told you that i hadn't written poetry in years...

but something kinda jacked up's a long long story i don't have the mental strength for right now...

but it inspired me.

not great...but for some reason when sentiments failed it was all that came out.

and i totally don't know why i just dumped all of that in the blog of someone i met only yesterday...

but hey...wev


(my blogger is a little screwed up...also a long story)