Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2008 Day Sixty Six

Driving to work this morning I almost had a heart attack when I saw the price of gas. Just 2 days ago it was $3.29 today it was $3.43!!

I just want this on record. WORST PRESIDENT EVER!! And yes - it IS all his fault.

I saw on the news where Bush endorsed McCain. Did anyone tell the stupid ass that Mccain has already won the nomination. Don't you think it would have mean't more when there was more than one candidate running?

Hillary or Obama? I don't think either one will make a good president - but, they are far better than Let's Have Another 100 Years of War McCain!

M worked the day shift today and got home around 3:30. It was so nice to have dinner together for a change.

I have a bead order for a lanyard. I will need to stop at Michaels or Joann's and get the badge hooks.

I watched last night's American Idol that I recorded from last night. I thought the guy singers have done better in past shows. It could be because I think the music from the 80's suck. Next week they are supposed to do Beatles music. I love the beatles!! The guy with the dreadlocks is starting to gain my attention. He is now in my top 3. I will be recording the ladies tonight.

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Betty said...

Love, love, love the pictures especially the one of the boat on the water.

Bush is pretty stupid, isn't he?

I didn't get to see Am. Idol tonight. How did the girls do, and which one is your pick? I think the rocker will get kicked off soon.

I have something for you on my TT post, which has already been published. So, I hope you can stop by soon to pick it up.