Sunday, March 2, 2008

2008 Day Sixty Three

Went to the Rings n Things Bead Tour this morning. Lots of people were there. And there were lots and lots of beads to choose from. I bought among other things 3 grab bags that they were selling for $5.00 each. I was surprised once I got home and opened them there was about $40.00 worth of beads in each bag. Very cool.

Stopped at Staples on my way home and bought some monitor screen wipes. I also stopped at Safeway and bought what we needed for the week.

Before I left for the bead Tour I had put a pot roast in the crock pot. This afternoon it made one of the best dinners we have had in a long time. The meat just fell apart. I always use a can of cream of mushroom soup with a couple of Tbsp's of brown gravy mix. It makes the best gravy. So its shredded pot roast burritos for tomorrow.

The plan this week is to rent a post office box for the businesses. Tuesday I am going to meet with Robyn at the bank.

The weather is staying very Spring-like again today. They are calling for snow on Tuesday, but it also said it was going to 45 degrees - so how much snow do you think will we get? I hope none.


pidomon said...

here's wishing you now snow.
We've been lucky this winter in merry-land not a whole lot of it (but you never know what march is going to bring)

pidomon said...

gahhh should have been NO SNOW
(I should know better than to comment before I've had my first beer!)

jennifer h said...

What kind of jewelry do you make with the beads?

And can I please have that pot roast recipe? That sounds yummy. My husband would love that.

Janine said...

wow i so love the pictures you pick for the theme this week. I am not a good writter too. I think you are way way better than me. heheheh hope you will take time to read my first entry here: