Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2008 Day Eighty

Interesting day at work. It was slow but I kept busy with some busy work I got from our admin, Carol. I had my monthly one on one with Holly. She tells me to "Be Happy" "To Show My True Personality" "Be excited about coming to work everyday" I have to wonder if am truly cut out for this kind of work. If only I could make a living doing readings or maybe as a jewelry artist. Too much to protect these days, so back to work I go and will try and "be more happy".
The shipment came from Rubber Nation. More fun beads!! I cannot wait to get started.

Another poem from Nikki Giovanni

The Room With The Tapestry Rug

And when she was lonely...she would go into the room...

where all who lived...knew her well...

Her hands would touch...her lips... silently moving... would

punctuate the talk... with a smile... or a frown...

an occasional "Oh My"...

If it was cold...she would wrap herself... in the natted blue

sweater... knitted by a grandmother,,, so many years ago... If

warm... the windows were opened... to allow the wind... to

partake of their pleasure...

Holidays were never sad... seasons in fact... unchanging...

Family and friends... lovers and longings... rested...

waited... never to betray... never to leave her...

Her books... her secret life... in the room with the tapestry



pidomon said...

Lovely poem.

Betty said...

You're probably like me, Linda, in that you are not good at putting up a front. So if you are not happy there then it is probably hard for you to put on a happy face.

Leaving in the morning for Ohio. We will be back Monday.

Betty said...

I forgot to comment on something else. You mentioned you wish you could make a living doing readings. What is meant by that? Do you read cards or something similar? Just wondering.

pidomon said...

Thanks for stopping by my cardboard box underneath the overpass of the inner tubes!

I come at it like this. They are all "crooks".

And by crooks I dont' mean people that have broken the law so much nut once you get elected the job is to get re-elected and that tinges judgement.

And that's why I'm a Democrat.
I'd rather lie down with the dog that has the least fleas.

Sitting here tonight I don't need a social safety net but I may tomorrow or next year or in 20 years when China holds all my retirement investments instead of me.

Back in the early 90's my girlfriend and I were walking down a street and saw someone who was asking for money and I gave him 5 bucks.

She berated me that "those" people were making 89 grand a year off people like me.

My response to her was I'd rather give it to him and he not need it than not give it to him and he did.

Kinda sums up my philosophy.

And I think we may be the only 2 people on the innertubes who comment to each other on threads that have nothing to do with the post.

Me? I think it's kind of cool!

Have a great weekend