Wednesday, June 4, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred Fifty Six

It seemed strange without M at the house this morning, as it always does. I had to do all the things he normally does. Like take the garbage can out because its garbage day. Remember to feed Jack the Fish and fill the pups' water dishes, plus all the things I normally do every morning. But he will be back tonight.

He called me from the game last night and sent me pictures on my phone. I'm glad he had a fun time with his peeps.

I went and got a coffee so I will stay awake. He is going to be hungry when he gets off the plane so I'm going to take hime to King Yens for a big bowl of won ton soup and eggrolls.

I guess we now know it will be Obama vs McCain. It doesn't matter, I've been a democrat my whole life. I will vote for the democratic candidate as I always have. I don't think this year I will volunteer to work on any campaigns like I have in years past. I wish we could put together a Code Pink chapter here. I would definitely volunteer to work for the peace movement.

So I'm off to the airport.


pidomon said...

it was so nice chatting with you tonight

Betty said...

Hi Linda,

You are probably like me in that you like a little alone time occasionally but not for too long. So, you'll probably be glad to have M home again.

Have a good day tomorrow.