Thursday, June 26, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred Seventy Eight

I took another day off today. Yesterday I picked DK up from the bus station. He looked the same except more tattoos and a beard. We both, M and I, explained the expectations, get a job, help out around here till you find one and all those kinds of things. Last night we bbq'd chicken and ate out on the deck. Today, of course, off he went to look up old friends.

The weather has been so nice today. This weekend we are expecting a heatwave. So it will be nice to have DK's help in installing the air conditioners. Today I'm still not feeling that great, but, did get to the bank and Walmart to pick up a few things we needed. I wanted to get that done before the weekend before Spokane hosts the largest 3 on 3 basketball tournament called Hoopfest, that covers all over downtown. It will be madness all over town. I will avoid all of that. I also got some laundry done and we plan on painting the office which will become the new guestroom. So I've been slowly clearing that room out. White walls and ceiling with a navy blue accent wall. M wants a nautical theme for the room.

The new show Hopkins starts tonight. I plan on recording it. I guess we are down to last of Hell's Kitchen. I was sad to see Corey go. No preference who wins now. Both would be great.

I heard from Dianne. The company she is setting up the interview at is promoting a new office manager (that Dianne placed). So my interview will be next week. I will be patient, but persistent, because this is what I want to happen. I will be practicing "The Secret" all next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please!!

Have a nice evening.


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed, arms crossed, legs crossed.

If this takes too long, Keith'll get pissed. ;)

pidomon said...

well i can't beat Christina's comment but everything i can cross is crossed

(And I dont think Keith cares about my appendages) :)

Betty said...

I will keep my fingers crossed and my toes and eyes as well, lol. Hope you get the job you want.

I know you are glad to have your son with you. Is he going to be living with you for a while? It sounds that way. Anyway, just enjoy having him with you.

Anonymous said...

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