Friday, June 27, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred Seventy Nine

I thought this was an interesting picture of Bill and Chelsea. I remember the night when Bill and Al won the presidential election. We were cheering and laughing and crying. All seemed well in the world. I was optimistic. I'm not so optimistic now. But I will support Obama. Any one than McInsane. Please save us from the republicans and what they have done to our economy and country.

It's hot! I know I said last winter I would not complain once it got know.. Tomorrow is going to be 96 degrees. How will we live?

I left work at 9:30 this morning. I am still, after a week, not feeling too great. But I have a whole weekend to get better. I washed all the bedding, did the dishes and plan on scubbing the bathroom. That will be enough for today. Tonight it will be a Papa Murphy's Take and Bake Pizza.

Avista called to ask if I wanted to interview for a job I applied for, but, after hearing the specifics I turned it down. I must be patient and strong while I wait for the interview to happen next week.

I watched the end of the movie Benny & Joon. I love that movie. I always like happy ending movies. Plus it was made here in Spokane. Kind of neat seeing places I can recognize, even if they changed alot of things, like making the old brick victorian old folks home into a hospital.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend. If you are bored come on by for some peach ice tea or popcicle while we can sit in the coolness of the air conditioners' hum.


pidomon said...

the right job will come
it will
'cause you and M have all these people on the inner-tubes sending good thoughts and positive energy to you
(can't do anything about the heat though lol)

Hey there is some fawlty towers friday waiting for ya!

wishing you a great weekend

Anonymous said...

I'm keeping a good thought for you.

And that picture is really interesting!

Betty said...

I took one look at that picture and thought it looked like Bill Clinton and then I read that it was him.

It's been hot here today, too.

I have an award for you that I posted on Friday. So I hope you can come by when you get a chance to pick it up.

I haven't forgotten about the meme you wanted me to do. I will probably do it Sunday, as I'm going to be gone again most of the day on Saturday.

Have a good weekend.

USA_Admiral said...

No worries, We can still disagree on politics and share a Popsicle.

Stay out of the heat and keep on keeping on!

And have a great weekend.