Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2009 Day Fifty Five

Is it only Wednesday? This morning was one of those mornings I could have slept in for a few more hours.

I missed the President's speech last night. I caught bits and pieces and then I saw the Louisiana Governor's rebuttal. Is this guy way out in right field? No regard for the people of his state. Refusing the money? I know every cobra administrator in his state is cheering, but, it seems the wonderful people of Louisiana get screwed again.


Linda S. Socha said...

That is totally beautiful and has made my morning. You find the most lovely things. Is there a story behind this one?

kkryno said...

I missed the speach as well.

We met a friend for dinner. and then a quick cruise through Cosco for paper goods.

I'm going to catch up today on YouTube.

Hope your Wendsday turns out to be a good one.

Betty said...

Love the picture. You always have such pretty ones.

I didn't get to see the President's speech either as we had company for supper, and they didn't leave until later in the evening.

Lisa said...


I'm so glad that I'm not the only person who missed the speech. I guess I should be embarrassed that I still haven't heard it.

peppylady said...

I'm ready for spring to come we still have snow in our yard.

I saw the speech and I felt it was one of his best so far.
I also heard the rebuttal and it start out with some hope (the first few lines) but soon turn to the same ideal of the extreme right. "Let free enterprise take care of everything"
Well that what Dubya did and look were it got us.

Also our Governor Otter is or want to refuse part of the stimulus package as well

I e-mail you a link so you can read Obama speech.

Coffee is on.

Mojo said...

Oh I'm dying here. I recognize her, but her name won't come to me. It's not Aishwarya Rai... looks a bit like Rani Mukherjhee, but ...

I give up. Who is it??