Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2009 Day Forty One

I didn't have time this morning to write anything, but, did post the picture. Yesterday after work I was treated to dinner at my mom-in-law's. The Linden Estate served ham and beans with homemade salsa (which I got a whole jar to take home, sinfully good cornbread and I even snuck a piece a cherry pie.

Today was project day. I just steadily worked on projects. It was snowing when I left this morning, but, it quit when I got to work. It tried to start again, but, not cold enough to stick.

Tonight I am making a cherry chip cake with pink 7 minute frosting to take to work tomorrow in honor of Valentine's Day. We have outings planned for Thursday and Friday, so, I'm bringing the cake tomorrow.

I stopped and got Chinese Food takeout on my way home. Just did not feel like cooking tonight.

We had a bizarre crime happen on Saturday night. A man in a boxy green SUV hit a woman and drug her for 15 blocks. The police found body parts along the route she was drug. A witness said she saw him back up on the one way and then stopped, got out with a flashlight and looked under his car and then got back in his car and took off. He is still on the lamb. Us at work, as amateur dectectives, are trying to figure this out. The area she was hit is nicknamed Felony Flats. What was a 42 year old woman walking around in Felony Flats at 3:30 in the morning? Did she know this guy? Did he do this on purpose or was it a horrible accident? They said she had "issues". What could that mean? They interviewed her parents and they are saying how they forgive this guy and if he walked to their door they would hug him? HU? Now that is bizzare!!

So that is going on here in my little world...what's going on in yours?


tony said...

Stairways To Heaven!

pidomon said...

as usual a great pic!

linda said...

how terrible! wonderful picture but terrible crime...

Linda S. Socha said...

Hey Linda. Hope all is well you you. Sounds as if the day was a food wonder!!

Betty said...

OMG, that poor woman. I assume the woman didn't live after all that.

Nice picture.

Have a good rest of the week, Linda.

kkryno said...

That's just so sad. It really reflects on how some in our society are just treated as throw-aways. It hurts my heart to think that she may have suffered horribly. She must have even felt so afraid in the last moments of her life and so alone. One can only hope that somehow she was spared that nightmare. I hope they find the motherf******.

I wish you a better week.

Linda S. Socha said...

Half asleep I missed the strange story at the latter part of your post. That is poretty frightening and I how not anywhere on your usual travel route
Take care