Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2009 Day Forty Eight

Went to work this morning after shaving all the ice off Jiffy. It was her turn to spend the night outside the garage. It was bright and sunny most of the morning. Made us wish for Spring more than we were already. I am so caught up at work from the slow day yesterday that this afternoon I would have very little to do, so I asked if I could take some of my comp time. My boss said to take it all since I need to by 1st quarter. So at 1:30 I waltzed out the building. Made the bank deposit and stopped at the bread store and now I am home.

I am making cherry pies this afternoon. One for home and 2 to take to work tomorrow.


tony said...

She Is Rather Beautiful.

kkryno said...

Mmmm, pie!

I'm always intimidated by pie crust! I usually have to "cheat" and use ready-made crust. :{

Oh well. I can't make everything from scratch. (yet)

Have a great week!

pidomon said...

hmmmm pie!
glad you got some time off!
i'm off tomorrow while they plumb the bathroom (but will be working from home in the morning and then the afternoon is mine)

Lisa said...

So that explains the pie! Lucky you!!!! I'm sure it was fabulous.

Sue said...

I love the art you post on here. I also love cherry pie, which is another wonderful art form completely!
Now, what can I find to eat around here?????

linda said...

this is very lovely, especially her eyes...where do these images come from?

also, you always seem to be baking something! cherry pies, is that what I just read?? well, since we aren't yet into cherry season, you must be using pie filling? yum :) I hope you take a picture so we can all drool over it!

giggles said...

PIE? Me too!!!!! Please?