Thursday, February 26, 2009

2009 Day Fifty Six

We watched American Idol last night. It seemed every singer DK and I liked the judges did not. Except for the 16 year old redhead and the cute blonde with the wonderful tatooed sleeve. It will be interesting who the three will be that goes on.

Today is going to be the busiest day ever. Maureen is still out on vacation, my boss, Linda is skiing for 2 days and Joyce is leaving early to go to the Brad Paisley concert tonight. The other 2 at noon are going to a conference about the new stimulus cobra plan. So that leaves me. I'm up for the challenge. At least I think so.


Mojo said...

Good luck! If anyone can handle it, you can.

Lisa said...

I'm sure you can handle it, though it probably won't be all that much fun for a bit.

Have a great day, nevertheless!

kkryno said...

I'll keep positive thoughts for you to have the smoothest-as-silk day; and the easiest Friday tomorrow.


giggles said...

You go girl... I know you can do it... In fact, won't everyhting be easier with everyone out of your hair??!! ;-)