Monday, February 2, 2009

2009 Day Thirty Three

The weekend is over and I cannot believe it is time to go back to work already. We had a nice day yesterday. DK went with me to the grocery store. I have not seen the store that busy since last Christmas Eve. I guess everyone was stocking up for game day. I just wanted to take advantage of the one day steak sale. Because I had DK's help, I bought all the heavy stuff.

We watched 2 movides yesterday. The first one was Keeping the Faith with Ben Stiller, Ed Norton and Jenna Elfman. It was a cute movie and yes, I cried at the end.

The second movie we watched was Failure To Launch with Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker. We laughed all the way through this movie. Kathy Bates and Terry Bradshaw were a scream as parents.

We even snuck in some of Puppy Bowl from the Animal Planet. The Spotted Moose Cafe served chili dogs with diet root beer. So all in all it was a good day.


kkryno said...

MMMM! Chili dogs sound wonderful!

K had to work, so there was no need to watch the whole game.

I was really moved by Jennifer Hudson's rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner." She seemed to be singing through her sorrow. Just 5 short months ago, her world was almost golden; when tragedy befell her family. I was wishing there was a way to tell her that her Mom was so proud of her. I don't understand what could make someone do something as crazy as killing a 7 year old boy. Anyway, I'm not one who even follows her career; but her story really touched me.

Sorry to be so windy.

Please have a great week.


A. K. said...

Hi, Have a great week!

Betty said...

Nice pictures, Linda. I don't even want Ed to go to the grocery store with me. I feel so hurried when he is along. Anyway, nice of your hubby to go with you to help out with the heavy items.

Have a good week, Linda.

Lisa said...

Well, the slice of ham I'm having for lunch pales in comparison to chili dogs!

linda said...

happy monday, linda~I have been meaning to ask you how you make your pictures...are they a type of digital collage? I really enjoy them and can't do a thing on my computer creatively except write and download art...oh well...

and those hot dogs..YUM!

linda said...

now, just look at the cheery, lovely lisa and the dower, pensive linda...oh well, such is life ;)

here comes another of those

Betty said...

Hi again, Linda,

You asked me about a facebook page. I have never looked into that and don't know what it is all about. I have a hard time maintaining my blog, lol.

Can you tell me why you like facebook?

Mojo said...

Oh yeah... there was a football game wasn't there. Completely forgot about that.

Yeah, we got sushi all over the place here. And most of the places I've tried have been pretty good too. And none that I'd call, "bad" really, just not as good as the best ones. I could eat at one of the Japanese or Indian places here every night and probably not go to the same place twice for quite a while. Yeah, we got a bunch of both and I for one, am thrilled by that!

So if you're ever in the neighborhood, gimme a yell and I'll give you the "sushi tour"!

giggles said...

Chili dogs and a coupla comedies.... Huuum, sounds like just the right ticket!!