Sunday, February 22, 2009

2009 Day Fifty Two

This painting is titled Goddess of Harmony. That is what I want to be. A domestic harmonic goddess - that is my goal.

We actually had sun yesterday. For a change I drove M to work yesterday. We stopped at a new Mexican place on 3rd called Atalinas. I ordered the breakfast burrito. OMG it was hot and delicious and very reasonable in price. Not much for atmosphere, but, it was clean. M loved his California burrito as well and then ordered one to go for later in his work day, which we actually shared when he got off work. I give Atalina's 3 1/2 spots on the moose.

After I left M off I headed over to this store I've seen advertised for quite awhile called the Hippie Chic. I expected really cool stuff, but, was greatly dissapointed when all she had was ugly used clothes and shoes and some badly made old ugly jewelry. She did have some inscense and some beaded curtains, but, nothing was displayed. From there I went to Staples and picked up some software M had ordered. I just want to know do office supply stores go out of there way to hire the rudest store clerks ever? Or did they get their inital training at Starbucks where rude is written into the training manual? We wanted to buy a certain harddrive and I brought in a printed sheet from their website that said they had them in stock. I was laughed at and told they did not and had not had them in stock for awhile. I suggested maybe they should fix their website, again I was rebuffed. Left there and went to Office Depot, where I was met with rudeness again, but, they did have the harddrive as their website indicated.

I am making Lasagna today. I had everything to make it except cottage cheese and fresh mushrooms and wine. I use cottage cheese instead of ricotta. To me, I like the taste better. I don't make this very often because it is so labor intensive. I usually buy the frozen kind, but, I wanted something special today. I bought salad fixings and french bread for garlic bread. I also bought a bottle of Ravens Wood Zinfandel for the sauce and to drink.


pidomon said...

i love a good breakfast burrito!
and your lasagna has my mouth watering
Enjoy (and finish off that bottle of win)

Sue said...

Lasagna sounds great -- my husband made some really good homemade Pierogis yesterday for his mom's birthday festivities! I hope we have enough for leftovers today!

Where do you get your art? I love the images you post!

Enjoy what's left of the weekend :)

giggles said...

Have a great Sunday!

LORENZO said...

It seems that you have two choices when needing customer service- rude and stupid. When you combine the two, you get lazy. I'd go to Best Buy for computer needs. Not that I'm doing a commercial.

Mojo said...

I've never noticed the Staple Depot type stores around here having staff that was any ruder than anywhere else. Or Star-i-bou either for that matter. Maybe I really am as intimidating as I've been told. Or maybe rude just rolls off and I don't notice it.

Or maybe it's a Suthun Thang.


Lisa said...

I never make lasagna because of the labor intensity. We have a little place not far from the house that makes great lasagna so if I'm dying for it, there's where I go.

It sounds like you had all kins of retail disappointment. What a pain. Anyway, I hope you've had a great Sunday.

Utah Savage said...

Wish I were eating dinner at your house.

I've given you an award. Come see me when you have a moment. And now you get to pass it on as you see fit. I'm thinking Pidomon is a prime candidate. Just saying. He is one of the true blue sweet friends out there.