Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2009 Day Forty Two

I need more time! Time to complete tasks, time to do the things I like, more time to spend with friends and loved ones. I just need to manage my time better I guess.

Last night I picked up chinese food for dinner to give me more time...but I watched tv with DK instead. We watched a recorded episode of Life on Mars. Then I watched American idol. My favorite guy and his best buddy are still hanging in there.

I kept working on projects all day. I went to the bank twice with deposits. I brought the Valentine cake and all but one little piece was eaten.

After work I stopped and got a Papa Murphy's pizza. M is getting off work early, so we will have a nice dinner together, for a change.

More on the woman who was dragged and murdered. Her name was Susie. She got divorced about 8 years ago and left her kids with her husband living in Mead, WA. Since the divorce I guess she has been bouncing around living with one friend to another. The last time her parents saw her was last Friday when she dropped by to use their computer to apply for a bookkeeping job. Saturday night she went to Casey's Bar and Grill on Monroe. It's kind of run down place that's been there forever. I used to go to the restaurant for Toastmaster's Meetings. But on the weekends they have bands that play. So last Saturday night she was at Casey's, seems she was a regular there because the bartender nicknamed her Snoozy Susie, because she would drink and then fall asleep. She paid her $3.00 cover charge and they cut off serving her at midnight. So she might have been a wee bit drunk. She called a guy friend and asked for a ride home after the bar closed. He has known her since high school. He told her he could not come and get her. And yes, he feels like crap now for not coming and driving her home. So that is why she was walking in that neighborhood at 3:30 in the morning. So we are thinking the suspect did not know her and it must have been random. When the suspect, a heavy set white male, was checking under his car with his flashlight a witness said he talked to someone in a teal colored station wagon. We are wondering why this person hasn't come forward. Or maybe they have and we don't know officially yet. The hit and run suspect is still on the lamb. Myself and the other amateur slueths in my office are on the case and have our eye out for a green boxy SUV with possible damage. This guy needs to be found.


Lisa said...

That's a very cool picture. I hope you're having a great day.

I'm so sick of politics, too. That's why I've pretty much stopped writing about them. Tired!

Ghost Dansing said...

nice juxtaposition of the real rose with the antique painted rose.... very nice picture...

Mojo said...

I hadn't heard this story, but I'm betting the friend that didn't go after her is ... well, I'm glad I'm not him. Nuff said.

Hope you and your mates get your man... from what I could figure out, this sounds like a pretty gruesome tale.

kkryno said...

In a perfect world, the bartender would have beenable to call a dial-a-ride type service that bars and nightclubs pay a mandatory fee monthly to the municpality. Some of the revenue from DUI's and traffic violations could help this sort of thing in the future.

It's just so sad.