Sunday, March 29, 2009

2009 Day Eighty Seven

I missed posting yesterday. I just did not have the energy. Just cannot get my blood sugar right.

It was nice yesterday morning, maybe a little on the cool side, then turned to rain throughout the afternoon and night. Overnight it turned to snow. Again snow?

DK is leaving to move back to California tonight. He is taking the train back to Chico. Yesterday we went to the UPS store and got his computer professionally packed. I hate to see him go, but, I know this is not his home. Tonight we are taking him out to dinner.


peppylady said...

When my oldest one comes up for a visit and leaves again I feel a sadness but I understand they must flap there wings.
I'm so sorry that your blood count isn't were it should be. Did you go to that diabetic at SSC?
The weather is something. I have no kind words for it.

Coffee is on.

kkryno said...

Have a nice dinner with DK. I'm sorry it didn't work out for him to stay, but I sure know how one can miss being where they call home.

Have a nice Sunday and I hope that you feel better this week.

linda said...

linda, I'm sorry you are having so many health problems! and the blood sugar thing can be hard to "get right", especially with diabetes! may you find the happy medium. also your attitude about your son is lovely and generous.

many blessings to you.....

Steve said...

sounds like a rough day. hope the dinner was nice and tomorrow is better.