Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2009 Day Sixty One

The only other thing I did over the weekend is watched the movie Dan In Real Life. We both liked the movie. Family reunions...I have missed more than I have gone to. I'm sort of the black sheep of the family. I should go because I am starting to not know my family. So the next reunion...I will go. It helps that it will be on the west coast this time.


peppylady said...

Family are family mine sure has had it fill of soap operas.
I make it a real point to stay out of the drama part.

Hope you have a great day and the coffee is on.

linda said...

family reunions~eek...

love this picture! I will have to check out these movies...I never know what to put on my netflix list..


kkryno said...

Family reunions can be fun, if you just remember one thing: you are a wonderful person who is at a great point in her life. That way, you can enjoy seeing all the other members of your family. If anyone tries to bring you down, just politely excuse yourself from that line of conversationor even remove yourself from that person entirely and go talk with someone else. Life is too short to put up with toxic B.S. that can run rampant at these things. Keep in mind that people who act superior than others are almost always insecure and lacking in character.

You are wonderful and a lovely person. Don't forget that.